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Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Maiori and the Cinema

Maiori and the Cinema

The Amalfi Coast and in particular Maiori, Ravello and Furore, from the end of the '40s and until the middle of the ' 50s, was well frequented by film directors, actors and actresses from around the world, and became a small "cinecitta". Roberto Rossellini was especially attracted and felt in love with Maiori, where he found the ideal conditions, the authentic landscapes, the availability of the inhabitants and the participation of those, to help him realise his work. In many occasions, the scenes were filmed with characters taken "from the street" and with the inevitable surround of a crowd of curious people. The "MAESTRO", Don Roberto, for the local fishermen, still today, is remembered as a "generous", he shoot between Maiori and other towns of the Amalfi Coast four of his masterpieces:

Paisà (1946) : PAISA' Rossellini (Episode)

Il miracolo, secondo episodio de L'amore (1948) : IL MIRACOLO Rossellini (Episode)

La macchina ammazza cattivi (1948): LA MACCHINA AMMAZZA CATTIVI Rossellini (Episode)

Viaggio in Italia (1953): VIAGGIO IN ITALIA Rossellini (Episode)

..."The places that make you fill well and that you love, where there are poor devils who are convinced they have seen the Demon. The inhabitants of the Coast are crazy, drunk of sun. But they know how to live, thanks to the virtue of a force that few of us possess: the power of imagination".

Rossellini remained a lot in Maiori during the production of his films and most probably one of his preferred places, was the Convent of San Francesco, where he often was entertained by the "fraticelli"(("Little Brethren") or Spiritual Franciscans). And it seems that from this spiritual experience he developed his inspiration for the making of the film "The Flowers of ST. Francis"

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